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Wireless IP WiFi Digital Microscope


For Ages 8+

This extraordinary wireless hand-held
digital microscope/camera is easy to use;
just connect it to your computer or even
your smartphone, simply using the 10m
covered WIFI, and start taking videos or
photos. You may also just use the USB to
attach to computer and use it as a normal
web-cam, mount it on anywhere to your
ease with the standard tripod adaptor!

● Wifi/ USB switchable modes
● 10m range when using wi
● Display image on smartphone or computer
● Able to mount on standard M6 tripod
● Base for slides observation
● Used as normal web-cam

● Camera Sensor: 1/5" color CMOS UXGA (2 megapixel) CMOS
● Resolution and frame rate
- USB Mode: HD 720p 1280x720 30 fps or UXGA 1600x1200 15 fps
- WiFi Mode: VGA 640x480 30 fps or SVGA 800x600 20 fps
● Connectivity: IP/Network WiFi or USB 2.0
● View in WiFi mode: Android™, iPhone®, iPad® Internet or Windows System IE Internet Explorer
● View in USB mode: Skype or Amcap
● Battery: 1800mAh li-ion battery
● Charging connector: Micro USB socket same as smartphone

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