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525x Astrolon™ Handheld Telescope with Aluminium Tripod


For Ages 8+

• Metal Body, Glass Lens

• Diagonal Viewer
• 122cm Aluminium Tripod
• Precision Control System:
1) Platform Locking Lever (Release Telescope Body for hand carrying),
2) Pan-handle (Control the vertical movement of telescope body with locking system)
3) Panning lock nut (Control rotation movement of telescope body with locking system),
4) Arm guide lock
• Accessory Tray
• Space Map
• Instruction Manual

Objective Lens ø : 70mm
Focal Length : 700mm
Eyepiece : 4mm, 9mm,12.5mm, 20mm
Barlow Lens : 3x
Finderscope : 6x 25mm

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