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POP! Globe 28cm (11")


Our fabulous POP GLOBE and app allows you to travel the world without leaving your home! Use the globe on its own to see all the continents, seas, major countries and cities of the world. See how far or near you are from different places, and learn how we are all connected. Download our free app onto your Smartphone (or IPad) for interactive play; lock onto continents, pick out countries and reveal lots of fun facts (for example); populations, landmarks, foods, people and cultures. The app in location mode can measure the distance from where you are right now to the place you are exploring. You can also go into quiz mode, where the app will ask you some easy and not so easy questions about the 31 countries featured. How much do you know about the world? Find out! Learn more, test your friends and have fun! Includes: - animations, background music, interesting photos, location, fact and quiz modes with a scoring system. A really exciting way to learn about, and generate interest in the world around us! Where would you like to visit? Take a spin.......!

• 28cm (11") Globe with sturdy base
• Updated geographical maps • User Manual

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