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For Ages 8+

•Assemble set series

Leonardo da Vinci himself said that because it was a lethal weapon it must not fall into enemy hands, and this may be another reason why, instead of drawing the final project, he drew it disassembled and in a way that makes it difficult to understand.
A boat with sails has a part which is submerged in the water and invisible to enemies.
The pilot uses a passage to get into the lower part undercover: the Mechanical Submarine. A pulley and rope system lowers the submarine which can unhook itself underwater and proceed invisibly towards the enemy.
The submarine has two air chambers which can be used for steering and also for air needed by the pilot, who has a mouthpiece. Steering underwater is done by means of a mechanical system.

Interpretation of the original Leonardo da Vinci's design/
copyright by Leonardo3 - - All rights reserved

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