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Giant Crossbow

For Ages 8+

•Assemble set series

The structure of the crossbow is relatively simply.
It has a rigid wooden body, on which the stock and a bow are mounted.
Compared to a traditional bow, the crossbow is very compact; the bow of more modern crossbows is made from metal, is not very long, but very thick.
This is why the bow of the crossbow is less flexible than that of a traditional bow, and the string is much tauter.
The distinguishing feature of the crossbow is a launching mechanism similar to a trigger on modern weapons.
The project follows a rather typical pattern, seen in Leonardo da Vinci’s other projects – making an existing weapon more powerful by making it bigger and in some cases making it multiple launch (as in the cases of the Multiple Sling, the Armoured Tank, the Multiple Bombard and other drawings).

Interpretation of the original Leonardo da Vinci's design/
copyright by Leonardo3 - - All rights reserved

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